Matthew Daley
Photo by Helen Yousif
Matthew Daley is an illustrator and cartoonist with a distinct style that combines hand-created textures, stamps and found objects into vector illustrations to create a rugged, painterly look.

He is inspired by mid-20th century illustration and design, particularly the work of James Flora or Mary Blair, the playful mayhem of the Dadaists and the aesthetic of Eiji Tsuburaya’s monster designs in Godzilla movies and Ultraman episodes.

He has been published in the Boston Globe, Toronto Star, Today’s Parent, and the Wall Street Journal; and has shown at Toronto’s Steamwhistle Brewery, Gladstone Hotel, Magic Pony and the Northern Contemporary Gallery, as well as Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.

Other highlights include working with influential graphic designer David Carson, long-running illustrations for the Bon Vivant column in Quench, and serving as literary magazine Taddle Creek’s in-house fiction illustrator.

Complementing his editorial pieces, Daley has produced poster work for Art With Impact, Polaris Music Prize, and the band Devo.

His self-published comic, The Pig Sleep: A Mr. Monitor Case, co-created with Cory McCallum, was nominated for and won the Gene Day Award at the Joe Shuster Awards in 2013. The duo, known as PlierPants, also collaborated on the comic strip “Bonus Tracks” for Luminato Festival and published the comic Errol Dynamic in 2014.

Daley hopes to illustrate for new avenues, whether its comics, children’s books, skateboards and gallery shows. He aspires to keep trying new techniques while keeping his work just the right amount of weird.

He has diplomas in Art Fundamentals and Illustration from Sheridan College

Daley lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife Lindsay and cat Mistress Muffin.
Matthew Daley
Photo by Helen Yousif